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Robert Glick: writer and professor


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Novel Excerpts, The Asterisms

  • The Undersized Negative (New Ohio Review, winner, New Ohio Review Contest in Fiction, judged by Aimee Bender)
  • Instar (The Collagist)
  • The Last Remembered Intersection (The Los Angeles Review)
  • Questions for Anesthesiologists (The Masters Review Anthology)
  • Three Options for a Successful Lunar Landing (The Literarian, winner, Summer Literary Seminars, Center for Fiction Prize, judged by Dawn Raffel)

    Stories from Two Californias:

    • Release (Passages North)
    • In The Room / Memory is / White (The Normal School, winner, The Normal School Normal Prize for fiction, judged by Margot Livesey)
    • Hotel Grand Abyss (Copper Nickel, winner, Copper Nickel Fiction Prize, judged by Ron Carlson)
    • K/S (Black Warrior Review)
    • Goat Pharmacy (New Orleans Review)
    • Mermaid Anatomy (Notre Dame Review)
    • Failure Mechanism (Voicebox) (The Seattle Review)

    Uncollected Stories:

    • Southwest of Guadalajara (Denver Quarterly)
    • Strawbellies (The Tusculum Review)
    • Glue Factory (Fourteen Hills)
    • Second City (Alaska Quarterly Review)
    • Times Infinity (The Gettysburg Review)
    • Stomachs of the Homeless (Black Warrior Review)
    • Exoskeletal (Bateau)
    • Self Portrait with Smoke (Versal)

    Creative Non-Fiction and Craft Essays:

    • Anesthesiology and the Short Story (The Masters Review)
    • shrinking the monster (Diagram, winner, Diagram Essay Prize)
    • Brewing Up Controvery in Pilsen (Travelers’ Tales Prague and the Czech Republic: True Stories)


    • Flicker Astrous (decomP)
    • Sources of Fascination and Stroma (South Dakota Review)
    • An Imaginary History of Performance #3: white glove ([PANK])
    • M- and U- Walking the Great Wall (Whiskey Island)
    • Them! and An Imaginary History of Performance #2: piano roll (eleven eleven)
    • How to Wash (The Cincinnati Review)
    • Kraal (The Laurel Review)
    • The Rabbi (Blue Earth Review)

    Book Reviews

    • Some Versions of the Ice by Adam Tipps Weinstein, The Pleiades Book Review
    • In a World Without Dragons: Violence and its Safety Valves, The Pleiades Book Review
    • A Tendency to be Gone by Pamela Ryder, American Book Review
    • Kind One (collaborative review / interview with Anne Royston) by Laird Hunt, Quarterly West
    • Dreams of Molly by Jonathan Baumbach, Review of Contemporary Fiction
    • Drain by Davis Schneiderman, American Book Review
    • Under the Dome: Walks with Paul Celan by Jean Daive, Review of Contemporary Fiction
    • Smoke by Chuck Richardson, American Book Review
    • Last Days by Brian Evenson, American Book Review
    • Meat Eaters & Plant Eaters by Jessica Treat, Review of Contemporary Fiction
    • Creamy Bullets by Kevin Sampsell, American Book Review
    • ‘/() (apostrophe/parenthesis) by Frederick Mark Kramer, American Book Review