The Asterisms

What am I working on now? The novel-in-progress The Asterisms (nee The Paradox of Wonder Woman’s Airplane). Chapters of The Asterisms have won the Summer Literary Seminars Center for Fiction Prize and the New Ohio Review Contest in Fiction. Other chapters have been published in The Masters Review Anthology. You can read online chapters at The Collagist and The Los Angeles Review.

After Grace, a 40-year-old anesthesiologist, has a miscarriage, the Deckel family loses their sense of direction. Grace processes her grief first by attempting to find a reason for the accidental, in-surgery death of one of her patients, then by trying to make sense of the never-explained disappearance and return of her parents. Grace’s husband Chuck steals an extremely expensive model of Wonder Woman’s airplane. Their two teenagers, Jess and Russ, become entangled with Bosnian performance artists and rapture-obsessed veterinarians. In the context of family chaos and her increasing political awareness, Grace must find integrate her own desires with cultural constraints, ultimately deciding for herself whether to try to have another child.

While The Asterisms will primarily take shape in the print universe, some sections of the novel will only be available in digital form (beta).