9/15/18: Corse and Wojnarowicz at the Whitney

At the Whitney, two stunning exhibits: Mary Corse: A Survey in Light (https://whitney.org/Exhibitions/MaryCorseexhibit) and a David Wojnarowicz retrospective (History Keeps Me Awake At Night) (https://whitney.org/Exhibitions/DavidWojnarowicz). Wojnarowicz’s “Close to the Knives,” a hybrid meditation on sexuality, politics, HIV, and outrage was so important to me, coming of age, coming to art in the early 90’s, at ACT/UP rallies, at needle exchange, in the Bay Area. It reminded me what it’s like to live within urgency, with rage and wildness as one’s rare routes to subversion. Seeing a Mapplethorpe exhibit at the UAM in Berkeley, maybe 1990; a Christian Boltanski installation; a first Karen Finley performance. I’m so grateful, now, for them, and shaken; how difficult it has been, 20 years later, to remain focused and active and awake in this stupendously fucked up regime, with this painful autocracy (itself a huge privilege on my part to be able to back away, to take a break). So thank you, to all of you who have stayed vibrant and resolute through this attrition, for continually reestablishing that giving back is a fundamental part of humanhood; that listening, participating strategically, and finding ways to cede power (without a pat on the back, without a necessary response) are some of the most difficult and most urgent things some of us can do.

8/30/18: New Publication: Story Collection!

I cannot tell you how happy I am that my first collection of stories, Two Californias, will be published by C&R Press in the Spring of 2019. Very grateful, I am, not only to C&R, but everyone who has helped (with writing, organization, support) through the life-cycle of this collection. If you’re interested in a review copy, let me know!

8/25/18: New Publication: Masters Review

I am delighted to have one of ten stories included in the upcoming The Masters Review Anthology (Volume VII), destined to greet the world in October. Thanks to everyone at Masters Review and to judge Rebecca Makkai – I can’t wait to read all the works! I’m doubly delighted, because they are publishing the chapter “Questions for Anesthesiologists” from Paradox, which is structured as an imaginary question and answer session; I’m very fond of this chapter. !~good news~!

the pinwheel model: an anti-closure argument for writing

the pinwheel model: we try to figure out what a story can be, not what it is or should be. That’s why I dislike and distrust the general notion that a story should be self-enclosed, sealed up, a tiny box. the model i want to think about (not force or push) is the image of a sparkler pinwheel, one that turns in the wind, that takes up a given circumference (the space of the story), but which has different velocities and directions, that shoots sparks outside its orbit. one in which not everything is tied down – characters that blur in and out of frame, events suggested yet outside its reach.


welcome to my something.

a place for musings, writings, rants, literature, other. a place that feels slightly more ethical, a writing to articulate into the void, to entertain half-thoughts, but not a place to push, or the illusion of expertise, onto the screens of others, others who have not chosen to come here. Social media is very useful, but nonetheless a collective agreement that we are allowed to impose one’s inscriptions on the eyes of others. Yes, one can opt out, but we know how difficult that is.

we’ll see how this all goes.

7/20/17: Electronic Literature Organization Conference, Porto, Portugal

upcoming event(s):

7/20/17: ELO Conference, Porto, Portugal – Paper on JR Carpenter’s Etheric Ocean

Postscript: ELO was wonderful – good to see lots of people, and lots of great ideas. It is heartening to give a paper and see a few people respond positively – you know you’re doing your job, and contributing to a larger dialogue about the fundamental importance of e-lit around the world. Thanks to JR Carpenter for being such a good artist!