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  • 3/27-3/28/23: Reading at the College of Saint Benedict & Saint John’s University

    I’m so happy (though I’m going to miss my baby terribly!) to be traveling next week to Minnesota, to read and hang out with Professor Rachel Marston’s wonderful students at the College of Saint Benedict & Saint John’s University. Thanks so much to the Literary Arts Institute for hosting me! Pix to follow… Event details!

  • 3/17/22: Reading and Hangout at Hobart and William Smith College

    It’s been a super quiet time here in Rochester – lots of small changes, not a lot of posting. Having said that, I am sooooo delighted to be reading (IN PERSON!!! EEEE! (and still masked)) as part of the Trias series at HWS on Thursday! In the pandemic, interactions can be few and far between, […]

  • 2/25/21: Conversation about 2C and Sunsphere with Andy Farkas in The Literary Review

    A few months ago, I had a long email conversation with the fiction writer Andrew Farkas (Sunphere, BlaxeVox, 2019) about life, the conceptual frameworks scaffolding our books, and how we see our writing within the accelerated tragedy/oddity we call 2020-21. Fractured timelines, simple machines, metafiction in the Trump era, and the “extreme differences between characters […]

  • 12/22/20: The Arts Fuse Recommended, 2020

    Thanks (once again!) to Vincent Czyz and The Arts Fuse, not only for the wonderful review a few months ago but for an extra shout out (right next to Lance Olsen’s My Red Heaven) in their Recommended Books, 2020 feature. It’s super to see Two Californias in such smart company…

  • Holiday Gift?

    It’s been a strange year to celebrate a book – and it has seemed best to put Two Californias on the backburner, to work on new things during this pandemic – but: I should say that if you’re looking for good literary presents this year, please purchase a copy. It helps, and I think the […]

  • 10/14/20: Zoooom Reading at Union College

    I’m very excited to be reading virtually at Union College Wednesday, October 14 at 7pm EST – it’s open to the public, so please stop on by for the reading and Q&A! Thanks so much to the wondrous Shena McAuliffe and everyone at Union… / Meeting ID: 917 2285 1511

  • 10/4/20: Review of Two Californias in Heavy Feather Review

    I dropped the ball on this one, so trying to rectify it now: there’s a lusciously complex review of Two Californias in the Heavy Feather Review. As the book makes its snaky way (and here, I’m thinking of the old computer Snake game) through the world, I’m stunned by the different takes other writers have, […]

  • 9/12/20: Review of Two Californias in Tarpaulin Sky

    Thanks so much to Michael Palmer for writing about Two Californias in the “What I’m Reading Now…” section of the wonderful press Tarpaulin Sky. He says the book is funny (amongst other things), which pleases me so; I’ve always feared that the book’s humor gets lots in the patterning of darker subjects…

  • 7/27/20: Review of Two Californias in The Arts Fuse

    Many, many thanks to Vincent Czyz and his incisive, extensive review of Two Californias in The Arts Fuse! I love the abstract, which summarizes things nicely: “Two Californias is full of humor, good writing, and thoughtful angles on human existence—with zombies thrown in for good measure.”

  • 4/27/20: Review of Two Californias in The Literary Review

    Endless thanks to Karin Falcone Krieger for this gorgeous review of Two Californias in The Literary Review. Besides the nice ego boost and the fuzzy feeling when you know the book (especially in difficult times) has been circulating, I’m also starting to treasure the different ways each reviewer approaches the book – which topics are […]