10/23/19: The Transformation of Versal

Many of you know that I was the fiction editor, and later the co-editor, of the Amsterdam-based literary journal Versal from 2005 to 2017. It was a super, and meaningful run. I left this position, one I dearly loved, only because of the exigencies of a tenure-track position, coupled with Versal‘s re-centering in Amsterdam (along with the live series Verso). So I’ve been waiting to see what Versal would become. I’m happy to say that Versal is transforming from literary journal to press, with their first book coming through an inaugural contest. This is a great step, and I can’t wait to see what manuscript they select.

Info on the transformation: https://www.versaljournal.org/news/2019/title

Info on the book contest: https://www.versaljournal.org/call-for-work

2/5/18: “The Last Remembered Intersection” in the Los Angeles Review, out now!

I’m so pleased that the Los Angeles Review has published “The Last Remembered Intersection” While TLRI functions as a standalone story, it really comes from the novel, which brings up really odd challenges about how to write both for a novel and for a discrete story entity. The exigencies of academia, which require regular publishing, must weigh heavily on such aesthetic decisions, and I wonder how many academics write novels that could be considered tightly coupled stories, not simply as a response to the demands of larger marketplaces, but as a response to the professional need to publish small projects while concurrently working on (and publishing) big projects. Thoughts?

7/19/17: “Failure Mechanism” in Seattle Review, out now!

I am so, so grateful to The Seattle Review for publishing “Failure Mechanism (Voicebox)”, which clocks in at about 90 pages. The galleys looked wonderful, and the cover’s sharp; I can’t wait to get my hands on the printed copy, which should be arriving to my mailbox as we speak, and includes work from Alison Strub and Matthew Cooperman. I highly encourage you to purchase this issue. $10 is a steal, and helps support long-form poetry and prose!


Versal 12 is Out!

Versal 12!

After a hiatus, we’re back with a wonderful new Versal 12! This is the inaugural issue of Versal’s long-awaited print return, a limited edition journal of poetry, story and art connected through diverse interpretations of the theme ‘migrations’. It’s very exciting to be back!

Please consider buying a copy for yourself or for loved ones – it’s a fabulous read!