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  • booknotes: Michael William Palmer, Baptizing the Dead and Other Jobs

    Michael William Palmer, Baptizing the Dead and Other Jobs: Non-Fiction. Bauhan Publishing, 2020 I don’t read a lot of non-fiction (I know, my loss), but have been wanting to pick up Michael Palmer’s debut book in part because I like Michael a lot (disclosure), and in part because, in quarantine here in Western New York, […]

  • 10/4/20: Review of Two Californias in Heavy Feather Review

    I dropped the ball on this one, so trying to rectify it now: there’s a lusciously complex review of Two Californias in the Heavy Feather Review. As the book makes its snaky way (and here, I’m thinking of the old computer Snake game) through the world, I’m stunned by the different takes other writers have, […]

  • 9/12/20: Review of Two Californias in Tarpaulin Sky

    Thanks so much to Michael Palmer for writing about Two Californias in the “What I’m Reading Now…” section of the wonderful press Tarpaulin Sky. He says the book is funny (amongst other things), which pleases me so; I’ve always feared that the book’s humor gets lots in the patterning of darker subjects…