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Robert Glick: writer and professor


  • 2/25/21: Conversation about 2C and Sunsphere with Andy Farkas in The Literary Review

    A few months ago, I had a long email conversation with the fiction writer Andrew Farkas (Sunphere, BlaxeVox, 2019) about life, the conceptual frameworks scaffolding our books, and how we see our writing within the accelerated tragedy/oddity we call 2020-21. Fractured timelines, simple machines, metafiction in the Trump era, and the “extreme differences between characters […]

  • 12/22/20: The Arts Fuse Recommended, 2020

    Thanks (once again!) to Vincent Czyz and The Arts Fuse, not only for the wonderful review a few months ago but for an extra shout out (right next to Lance Olsen’s My Red Heaven) in their Recommended Books, 2020 feature. It’s super to see Two Californias in such smart company…

  • Holiday Gift?

    It’s been a strange year to celebrate a book – and it has seemed best to put Two Californias on the backburner, to work on new things during this pandemic – but: I should say that if you’re looking for good literary presents this year, please purchase a copy. It helps, and I think the […]