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  • Halophyte Issue 0 Out Now!

    Halophyte Issue 0 Out Now! My partner Anne is part of the Halophyte Collective (a collective of book artists and critics), who have just put out their first issue of Halophyte magazine – including works by Brenda Iljima and others. It’s really gorgeous – digitally printed, hand bound in an edition of 150. Fabulous reading/viewing! […]

  • Versal 12 is Out!

    Versal 12! After a hiatus, we’re back with a wonderful new Versal 12! This is the inaugural issue of Versal’s long-awaited print return, a limited edition journal of poetry, story and art connected through diverse interpretations of the theme ‘migrations’. It’s very exciting to be back! Please consider buying a copy for yourself or for […]

  • the pinwheel model: an anti-closure argument for writing

    the pinwheel model: we try to figure out what a story can be, not what it is or should be. That’s why I dislike and distrust the general notion that a story should be self-enclosed, sealed up, a tiny box. the model i want to think about (not force or push) is the image of […]