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Robert Glick: writer and professor


3/17/23: RIT Creative Writing faculty read at the Henrietta Public Library

One of the most difficult things about being an academic is attending to your school duties and finding ways to meaningfully connect the institution to the local community. When I got to RIT, I had such big plans about creating local reading series’, volunteering at Writers & Books, high schools. Quickly, though, it became clear that the time spent on these things was in opposition to the tenure clock, or what was most valued – articles, stories, published work, student mentorship. So I was really happy to (FINALLY!) be able to organize two readings with the Henrietta Public Library. Even if just a few people show up, it’s worth it to connect, to meet readers and thinkers in the community. Hopefully there will be more readings at other libraries and venues in Rochester! Thanks to Sarah Dennison, the Henrietta Public Library, and the RIT readers (Chime, Danielle, Ren, Al, Liza) for taking the time!