9/2/19: Saltonstall Residency Week!

Saltonstall is beautiful. I’m here for a two-week residency. What to say? It is gorgeous here, in late summer, with all kinds of wildflowers, out in the countryside, 8 miles from the utterly charming Ithaca. Deer, chipmunks, mostly deer. I learned that wasps can have underground nests. I love my studio, which looks out onto a meadow, south-facing, the clouds rolling languorously by. It’s an intimate residency, with 3 artists and 2 writers. Each morning, I walk, check out the abandoned barns and fenced-in gardens, make coffee.

As for writing: I’m finishing off the longest chapter in the book, Countermapping, and cross-referencing that to another chapter, while trying to create various maps and research Missouri gun laws and Voltron. A typically eclectic me writing week!

I have four amazing talented companion residents: here are their names and web sites: