Two Californias

Released by C&R Press in 2019, the emotionally powerful, intricately woven stories in Two Californias explore the unexpected and unorthodox ways we come to terms with everyday tragedies.

—What a rollickingly alive debut! – Aimee Bender

—Two Californias is a fizzing, crackling, nightmarish wonderfest. I was in from the dusty oaks in the first paragraph to the rattlesnake in the last. – Laird Hunt

—Disturbing, tender, revelatory, and gorgeously expansive. – Melanie Rae Thon

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The Asterisms

Chapters from the novel The Asterisms (once known as The Paradox of Wonder Woman’s Airplane) have won the Summer Literary Seminars Center for Fiction Prize and the New Ohio Review Contest in Fiction, while other chapters have been published in The Masters Review Anthology, The Collagist (read online) and The Los Angeles Review (read online).

How does a family redefine itself when a tragedy dismantles the sanctuary of its suburban bubble? THE ASTERISMS charts the startling ways Grace, Chuck, Russell, and Jess Deckel reforge their most intimate relationships.

While The Asterisms takes shape in the print universe, a few secret sections are in digital form.

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Robert Glick is Associate Professor of English at the Rochester Institute of Technology, where he teaches creative writing, digital literature, and the occasional course on zombies. His first book, TWO CALIFORNIAS (C&R Press, 2019), was described by Laird Hunt as “a fizzing, crackling, nightmarish wonderfest” and by Melanie Rae Thon as “fueled by piercing honesty, keen intelligence, lyrical virtuosity, and imaginative compassion.” A recipient of residencies from MacDowell, Saltonstall Foundation for the Arts, and Ucross, he is now completing a novel, THE ASTERISMS. Excerpts from THE ASTERISMS have won the Summer Literary Seminars and New Ohio Review fiction prizes, while other works have appeared in The Normal School, Denver Quarterly, Black Warrior Review, and Gettysburg Review. Having lived in the Bay Area, Amsterdam, and Salt Lake City, Robert now lives in Rochester, NY with his partner Anne Royston, their dog Toby, and their untitled almost-newborn.

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