On Chairing Panels at Conferences…(grumbly post but all too true)…

Dear conference presenters: ignoring your time limits signifies so so so badly. Why do you do it??? I’m going to state what for most of you is totally obvious. It makes you look unprofessional and unprepared, because you either don’t know how long your presentation is, or you think you’re so hot that you don’t care if it runs 10 minutes over. You’re also perceived as clueless, because you don’t realize that people are going to get bored after you go over your time limit (no matter how you transcendent you perceive your presentation). Also: you put your chair (me!) in an awkward position for having to police your lack of consideration. Lastly, it cuts down on Q&A time for everyone!

Literally I had one presenter (after I had explicitly mentioned that we had 14 minutes for Q&A) take 10 minutes to badly answer a question before someone else in the audience had to cut him off…

OMG the ego


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